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"For The Lady..." Herbal Blend

"For The Lady..." Herbal Blend

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This herbal blend is great for use prior to menstrual cycles to help ease the pain of cramps and some other discomfort. This blend can be steeped as a tea, but better smoked. This blend is also great for soothing the body and anxiety.

"For the Lady" blend contains Mullein, Rose Petals, Motherwort, Skullcap, and a pinch of Peppermint for taste. 

Like any other product that is inhaled, smoked, too much is not good for the body, and should be done in moderation or as needed. This product is not designed to treat any diagnosis or take precedence over advice of a physician; that is of the discretion of the purchaser/user. Just like anything else put into the body, there are risks. Please stop use if you are having side effects.

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