What Is Path7?


   Summer of 2020, I started realizing that certain lotions and creams did not agree with my kids' skin. Their skin would still look like I had not put anything on even after application. I told myself that I had to find a solution. After numerous reviews and tutorials on making homemade skincare, I came to the conclusion that some of the ingredients many used I was not comfortable putting on my skin, let alone my children. The skin is a really big deal, and I am particular about what is put on it.

  Eventually, I came up with my own way of making whipped body butter. It not only nourished my kids' skin and enhanced the appearance, but it was not greasy and extra messy.

  The name Path7 comes from my Life Path number, which is also my favorite number. Inspiration also comes from the 7 Chakras, as I am oon my spiritual journey.

  Our mission at Path7 is to not only make your skin glow and feel nourished, but for you to feel the same internally. As our brand grows, we plan to be more active in our community, by putting the "UNITY" back in COMMUNITY! An important part of that is to help fellow entrepreneurs as we grow, so that they may do the same.

We hope you continue to shop with us, tell a friend or two, and stay well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whipped Body Butter?

Whipped body butter is a skin moisturizer/cream that is crafted from oils and butters that moisturize and hydrate the skin. After these oils are mixed together and cooled, they are then whipped into a soft mixture that is similar to whipped cream. It's physical state may change due to temperature or storage.

What oils and butters does this product contain?

This item contains:

  • cocoa butter (raw)
  • shea butter (raw)
  • vitamin e oil
  • beeswax
  • almond oil
  • cocoanut oil
  • jojoba oil
  • Fragrance oil (optional)

What if I am allergic to the almond oil?

The almond oil may be left out or substituted to accommodate those with this allergy. This may be specified with order/purchase.

What are your current shipping days?

To ensure that products are delivered in a timely manner, we currently ship Mon, Tues, Wed. Purchases made after noon on Thursdays will not be shipped until the following Monday.